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Money In Your Pocket

Hoola Jewelry doesn't spend money on TV advertising or wasteful junk mail campaigns. Instead, our marketing budget is set aside for people like you, the women who really build our company. It's the Hoola Independent Design Representatives who earn the greatest rewards.

Here are the three principles that you'll find running through our compensation plan:

Speed— You can start earning money fast: we want to see you win early

Fairness— Your rewards reflect your efforts: the more you put in, the more you get out

Generosity— We share as much as we can with our Design Representatives, so Hoola Jewelry's success becomes your success

Take a quick look at our plan, and if you have questions be sure to ask your own Design Representative.


As a Hoola Design Rep, you make money selling Hoola Jewelry and by building your Team of Design Reps who also sell the jewelry.